9. December, 2004 - catching up

It’s been a busy couple days. I’ll try to get you caught up quickly, but suspect I won’t succeed.

Tuesday began with a trip to see my accountant. Nothing traumatic, just a trip to talk over how 2004 has gone, plan the final paycheck for the year so the withholding comes out more-or-less right, and generally make sure I know what I’m doing. On the way there, I was sitting at the corner of Hennepin and 11th Ave, waiting for a red light. The truck next to me started rolling out into the intersection and then acclerated some. The guy’s running a red light in a delivery truck!


When he got far enough forward that I could see past the body of his truck, I noticed a garbage truck coming along 11th. It’s one of the first accidents where I could clearly see everything developing, and got to watch it start to finish. Sadly, I’d left my camera at home, so I didn’t get a chance to capture what happens when two trucks collide, but the guy who ran the red light got spun 90 degrees, and probably would have done a full 180 were it not for the stoplight in the way of his truck’s spinning.

When everything came to a stop, the intersection was mostly clogged, and a cop that had been driving the other way up Hennepin rolled up and finished the job, taking up the last available lane. I got out and explained that I’d seen the whole thing, and that the light was red from our direction too (the intersection has a left-turn light, so the cop couldn’t be sure of the state of the light from our direction), and suggested he move his car so at least a single lane through the intersection was open, and that was that.

After talking with my accountant, I headed to Fidelity’s local office to talk retirement plans. I think they’ve got an offering that will work for my business and hope to read through everything in the stack of papers they gave me between now and the first of the year, so I can fire everything up in the first few days of 2005.

Then a quick trip to the Apple Store, in search of present ideas. No luck, so it was home to try and get some work done. I mostly just got caught up on email.

After lunch, I had to head out to get my hair cut. I took the camera with this time, and got the picture up above of the wreckage of the stoplight.

On the way home from the haircut, I stopped off at a bookstore for almost an hour, again unsuccessfully searching for presents, then for a beer and some dinner at Keegan’s. Ended up staying for the pub quiz (did horribly) and then headed home, with a stop at Arone’s just to see what it’s like now. Depressing doesn’t begin to describe the ambience there, although they have painted the walls white and turned up the lighting so you can actually see just how depressing it is.

Yesterday, a trip up to mom’s. Meeting with the lawyers, and it’s quite possible the legal issue that’s been going on for the past twenty months is almost wrapped up now. Ugh. When I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep, and that more or less gets us up to date.

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