6. December, 2004 - weekend wrap-up


This weekend was a little backwards. Started with a Friday trip up to Mom’s, since she had a doctor appointment. Nothing critical, just a checkup. I even got to see one of Mom’s cats, who usually head into hiding as soon as someone walks in the door. I guess the top of the stereo was just too nice of a perch to give up. I did get a good staring-at, out of the deal.

In the evening, or actually after my usual bedtime, there was a gathering at Grumpy’s for a friend’s birthday. As is typical for these events, I went to the wrong Grumpy’s, and by the time I figured out that everyone was probably at the other one, I was just ready to go to bed. Of course, the last time I had this problem, the wrong Grumpy’s was the right one. I’m pretty sure there’s some rule that would help me determine which of the two is correct, but I’m starting to think I’d have better luck just flipping a coin.

Saturday, I posted about the problem under my sink, and have gotten a bunch of helpful responses. I haven’t gotten around to trying any of them yet, but that’ll be coming soon. And yes, the sprayer is on the right, and the supply is on the left. Suggested solutions range from overly complex to creative uses of the Handyman’s Secret Weapon or empty big-gulp cups. I’ll probably go with one of the latter solutions, since I’m just that kind of guy.

Saturday continued with a PeTA gathering in the afternoon. We met up at a chain-bar for wings and beers, and a good time was had by the core crowd. Ten of us were there, and that was just about the right number of folks to have a few hours of good conversation with.

After a fine afternoon marination, it was time to head home for some cleaning before playing cards. I got things cleaned up, and had time to lounge in front of the TV for a while before folks showed up, and then it was cards until the wee hours (Wee!).

Sunday, photography rambling, and many hours spent filling that with links, and then an afternoon and evening of complete couch-potatodom, as I watched half of season two of Angel. Contrary to what I said on Thursday, the living room is arranged just fine for watching TV, with or without a fire. That pretty much wrapped up the weekend.

This morning, I woke up to snow outside on the sidewalk and such. As I write this, I can hear my neighbor shovelling, but to me it looks like barely enough snow to bother getting out the push-broom for. I guess I should probably clear the sidewalk before it gets packed into ice, but since we’re supposed to have flurries all day and tomorrow, I may put it off until there’s enough accumulated that I feel a need to dig out the shovel.

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