4. December, 2004 - a plumbing problem

I like to think that my readers are smart folks, so I’m posing a plumbing problem that has me stumped. In my kitchen sink, I’ve got one of those sprayers. The hose from it is long enough that it loops around the valve (which sticks out about four inches from the wall) and supply line for the cold water to the sink, and when I try and pull the sprayer up, the valve catches the sprayer line and I can only move the sprayer about six inches, which makes it less useful than it should be. Whenever I want to use it, I have to first lay on the floor, negotiate my arm under the garbage disposal, and unloop the hose.

plumbing problem
plumbing problem

Needless to say, this means that I don’t use the sprayer as often as I’d like, and almost every time I do, I end up being glad there aren’t children around to hear the language I end up using.

I’ve tried doing things like feeding the sprayer hose around to the right of the valve, or wrapping a towel around the valve-handle to make it easier for the hose to slip over it, and that will work once or twice, but then inevitably the hose will wrap itself around the valve, and I’ll be using foul language again.

I’ve thought about just removing the handle from the valve, but at that point something will go wrong with the sink, and I’ll have water spraying all over the kitchen while I try to find the missing handle, which doesn’t seem like an especially good plan. I can also see the hose still getting caught, because it naturally hangs behind where the fattest part of the valve is.

I don’t see how I can easily shorten the hose, since it’s got crimped-on fittings on both ends, and I’d rather not have something leaking under the sink. Frankly, I’m stuck. And that’s where you smart readers come in. One of you must have a clever idea of how to fix this problem, so I’m asking for your help. Do you have any clever ideas?

I’ll post the suggestions and whatever solution we come up with once the problem is solved. Thanks for your help.

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