3. December, 2004 - first fire

Last night, I actually lit the fireplace for the first time, rather than just pushing the furniture around near it, or sitting there being happy about having it done. It’s nice being able to have a fire to warm your feet while turning into a tuber in front of the TV. Unfortunately, I don’t have any real wood for the fireplace, just a few synthetic firelogs (they’re Target brand ones, but Target doesn’t seem to sell them online). Better than nothing, but not as nice smelling or sounding as real wood. Then again, they’re a lot less messy, too.

But I’m going to have to buy some more furniture. I’m on the home-improvement merry-go-round and can’t get off. Rearranging the existing furniture points out gaps. I need a place to put the lamp I got from my mom, for example. I need a place to set the remotes and whatever book I’m working on. Same thing in the bedroom. Once I get the carpeting put in there, I’m going to need to buy more furniture for the bedroom. It’s a vicious cycle, and I find myself wondering if it wouldn’t be simpler just to move into a cardboard house. But then I’d need to furnish that, too.

But hey, it’s nearly the weekend. After some number of hours fighting with CodeWarrior today, I’ll be able to call it a week, and start preparing for laying around being a slug over the weekend. And trying to put together the list of folks who’ll be getting Christmas cards this year. And vacuuming before folks stop over to play cards on Saturday evening. And shopping for end-tables for the living room. And and and…

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