29. November, 2004 - post-Thanksgiving

Well, it’s definitely after Thanksgiving now, and I’m starting to feel the crunch. I’ve got two strings of lights that I plan to put on the front of the house, but need to figure out how to get power to them first. I’ve got no tree, and am still wondering whether I’m going to get one this year or not. I’ve got cards to send out, and rather than getting them done this weekend, I still haven’t even gathered the list of who needs to get cards, let alone written the update that’ll go in them. I did get one present bought, but there’s more than one person on the list for presents, so more shopping needs to be done, too. Oh well, at least my to-do list isn’t feeling neglected.

Yesterday I had a successful home-improvement project of my own. The bathroom sink has leaked on and off since I bought the place. The problem is that the lines feeding the faucet were short enough that they were under tension all the time, and would loosen up periodically. I’d just been tightening them when they started to drip, but yesterday I’d had enough, and went out and bought a longer, more flexible feed line, and replaced the old one. Now I should no longer have the special joy of stepping in a puddle first thing in the morning.

While I was working on plumbing, I also replaced the sprayer on the kitchen sink. Easy job, but I managed to jab myself while trying to remove the retaining clip from the old sprayer. That covered my home-improvement injury quota for the weekend.

But I think I’m getting better at this. While I did stop by three stores in preparation for the job (local hardware store, then Home Depot, then Target), when I got home, I actually had everything I needed to do the job, and didn’t have to run out again for one last part or tool. That pleases me.

This morning, the guys from Finer Surroundings will be stopping by to finish things up, so I’m up extra-early so I can be ready when they get here. I’ve also got some phone calls to make, payroll to get done for the first of the month, and plenty of programming work to do, so it promises to be a busy day. For that matter, it’s going to be a busy week — I’m sure I’ll have more to say on that subject.

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