24. November, 2004 - Late

Well, yesterday was quite a day. Guys working on the house, me reorganizing big chunks of the website (more on that later), a meeting that was rescheduled so I couldn’t go to it, some work, then a tour of the U of M’s main steam plant, home to see how the work had gone, dinner, then out for beers with Bill. A fun day, and I hope I get around to writing about bits of it in more detail.

As for this morning, last night’s beers slowed me down, but so did a bunch of other little things. Nothing I want to talk about at the moment, but I’m awfully glad there’s a long weekend just around the corner (it started last night for a lot of people, from what I could see). I’m planning on at least one day of complete couch-potatodom over the weekend, and maybe more.

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