22. November, 2004 - Busy Week

Got my truck back on Friday. It wasn’t quite as happy of an experience as I’d hoped, but I’m not going to go into details just yet. Maybe tomorrow.


On Friday night, someone apparently decided my trees weren’t festive enough, and they needed to decorate them for me. So I got to spend a half-hour on Saturday morning in the front yard, pulling bits of butt-wipe out of my trees with a rake. Makes me miss living in the country, where if someone came into your front yard to commit asshattery like that, nobody would say much if a guy happened to unload a shotgun shell loaded with rock salt into their backsides.

It seems as though this week is going to be even more compressed than is usual for the week before Thanksgiving. Almost everyone I work with is either taking the entire week off, or heading out of town on Tuesday evening, to get out of town ahead of the traffic. Me, I’m just hoping to plug along and get something done in the midst of the home improvement that’ll be going on around here, but I wonder if maybe Tuesday’s rush-hour will be a killer, and Wednesday will be fine.

A couple weeks ago, I decided that there were a number of projects I just wasn’t going to complete before the snow flew around here, and that I wanted to see done so I can settle in a little better around here, so I called in professional help. They’re starting work today.

The guys are due to swing by about 8:30 this morning, and are going to start by patching up some holes in the kitchen wall, mounting the support for the ceiling fan in my bedroom upstairs, replacing the last few windows on the ground floor that aren’t weather-tight, and other bits that need to be done before the paint starts flying. I expect there will be priming today, too, since they don’t want to work on Wednesday either, and that’s the only way they’ll be able to finish things up tomorrow. I’m expecting a flurry of activity, followed by a shot to the checkbook. Hopefully warm fuzzies will follow.

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