21. November, 2004 - Staying Power

It’s been seven years. Seems like a long time, and yet like it was just yesterday that I started writing on this Intarweb thingie. Heck, it was November of 1995 when I put the first copy of Mead Made Easy on the web. So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice. One more year, and I’ll have had stuff on the web for a full ten years, and will have been actively blogging for eight. I went daily in January 2002, after going twice a week in September 1999.

While it sometimes feels good that I’m getting almost four thousand page views per day, for almost forty-five hundred different pages every week (of the about seven thousand total here on the site) from over seventy-three hundred distinct machines per week, those really aren’t huge numbers. I find myself wondering why I keep this up, especially since I seem to spend more time on daily things and less on adding new content to the non-weblog parts of the site. I spend a couple hours every morning reading various sites and updating the links around here, and wonder if that time wouldn’t be better spent going out and doing things worth writing about instead.

Anyway, that’s the thoughts this morning as I look back. The weather has finally changed and we’ve got a brilliant blue sunshiney day outside today, and I may try to get out and enjoy a bit of it before it’s time to park myself in front of the TV to see who wins the Winston Nextel Cup.

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