19. November, 2004 - I got my wish

Yesterday I said I wished the weather would change. This morning, it’s raining and promises to for most of the day. Sorry about that, but I’m going to have to be out in it a bunch today, too. Got a lunch to go to, and then later in the afternoon, my truck is supposed to be all better and I should be able to retrieve it from the body shop. Yay!

I’m tempted to believe that getting my truck back is a positive sign, and maybe I’m done with a bunch of the hassles that have been distracting and frustrating me this month. But the pessimist in me wonders what’s going to go wrong next and I think I’m going to wait until after Thanksgiving before breathing a sigh of relief, since I’ve got some workers coming in next week to do some stuff around the house, and if that goes well, I might be able to see clear sailing through Christmas, at least. Wish me luck.

And hey, this sunday will be the seventh anniversary of Dave’s Picks. No promises of anything special for the day, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I spent some of the weekend working on the website.

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