18. November, 2004 - Gray Days

Okay. I’m ready for a change in the weather. It’s been reasonably warm so far this week, but it’s been gray and drizzly, too. I really don’t care whether the change is to some real rain, or a bright sunny day, but I’ve had enough of the gray.


Yesterday, I continued in my battle with my compiler, and I’m starting to get pretty frustrated by it. It may be a poor craftsman who blames his tools, but I haven’t been impressed lately. Add in a late-morning phone call from mom who’d found the bill for her car insurance, discovered that it was due next week, was significantly higher than last year, could I please call the insurance company to sort things out so the policy doesn’t get cancelled if the check doesn’t get there in time, and I wasn’t especially happy in the afternoon. The crisis has been averted, and all will be well, but it was an hour out of the middle of a day when I was trying to make all my hours pay. A couple buck burgers for dinner at the Sporty helped improve my mood, the beers with dinner sure didn’t hurt, and gabbing with Jim and then Chris and the other Chris and Steve was cool, but I find myself with the same problem with the compiler this morning, and no good solution. Oh well. I have three different mediocre solutions, each with its own particular flavor of pain, and will hopefully decide on which is the least sucky in the next hour or two.

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