16. November, 2004 - Virtual Monday?

Freaky weather again (still). It’s being unusually warm (they said something about twenty degrees above average on the news last night), and that’s got me torn. I’ve got a bunch of paying work to do, and the days are getting shorter, which means that even starting out bright and early in the day means it’s dark before I finish a decent amount of that in a day. But I also feel a need to enjoy every bit of warm weather we have left, and I spend time staring out the window thinking that I should find an excuse to get outside. I think sometime this week I’m going to give in and stick some garlic and onions into the garden before it freezes so they’ll get a head-start on the growing season next spring. They can go next to the ones I missed in the harvest which have re-sprouted in the recent warmth.

Deli on 15th and Hennepin
Deli on 15th and Hennepin

In local news, the deli at the corner of 15th and East Hennepin keeps getting closer to opening every time I go by there. I’m really looking forward to it opening, and have been talking with the owner when I see him outside. He’s hoping to be open soon, but I’m expecting he won’t get the doors opened in 2004. Also, via the rumor-mill, I’ve heard that the old Goal Line Bar location is going to possibly be a full bar, but that’s even farther from completion. I don’t expect that to open before the smoking ban kicks in next March, and more likely not until sometime next summer. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who takes a long time on construction projects.

Speaking of taking a long time, the Como Grill (at 15th and Como) still isn’t actually open. It looks ready to go, but the coming soon sign is still up, and they weren’t open when I walked past yesterday evening.

And a note for the kid trying to get someone to do something for him in front of the grocery store on Como: If you’re asking passers-by for money or to do you a favor, or whatever the hell it was you were after, using relatively standard English so they can understand you might help your cause.

Yesterday? Meh. The truck’s at the body-shop. I made it up to mom’s. I got a little bit of work done in the afternoon between phone calls and composing an email to a site that’s ripping off Mead Made Easy, including everything but the copyright and author information pages (if that doesn’t stop soon, I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’ll probably write the ISP next) Update: The owner of the site yanked the file. Cool. I had a yummy dinner at Mannings. It wasn’t a horrible day, but it did little to improve my opinion of Mondays in general. Given the general lack of productivity yesterday, today feels like a virtual monday.

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