12. November, 2004 - broken

I guess when I said I’ll post some links later in the day yesterday, I meant something along the lines of I’ll nap all day and give you nothing.

That’s been typical of my life lately, though. I haven’t been real excited about any of the work I’m doing. Nor about much of the “fun” stuff I’ve been trying to do. And it’s when I’m being a slug that I get most annoyed by other people slacking. There’s the lawyer who doesn’t call to tell me what’s up. There’s an employee who never answers emails. The home improvement guys who are stopping by sometime to help me finish off some projects I had meant to get to this summer, but I haven’t heard anything since sending them the signed proposal. The clients whose feedback comes weeks after I send them work to review and then it consists of a two word critique. Hell, I’m starting to wonder why I bother. Maybe it’s time to find a job like driving bus again or something.

More likely, it’s just time to get on with things I don’t want to do, but which will make me feel better once they’re done. I’ve still got a busted Camaro sitting behind the house that needs to go away before I have to pile snow there. I’ve got a busted truck that goes in to the body shop on Monday. I’ve got a to-do list full of other overdue items, and am going to run into a cash-crunch next month if I don’t get some of the work-related ones done, pronto.

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