11. November, 2004 - OMFH

Well, I set out last night to go and get drunk. I seem to have succeeded.

The Wall Live

The night started at Keegan’s. I had dinner, dessert, some shots, and a bunch of Guinness. Mmm. $85 later it was time to move on. Ouch. Stopped at the Terminal, where there was a Pink Floyd tribute (runs every Wednesday the rest of the month) that turned out to be better than I expected, plus I got to see Joel, who used to live next to us at 717 for the first time in a couple years. When the show was done, we headed to the Front, which was dead (we were the only customers) on “Music of Prince and Michael Jackson” night, and I finished the night at Whitey’s, where I bonked my head on the door closer on the way out. Ouch. Got home not too much after midnight.

I took a bunch of pictures at the show at the Terminal that are linked from the picture. Got a half-dozen that worked out of the forty I took. Guess that’s not too bad. I’ll post some links later in the day.

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