9. November, 2004 - flying cars

Hockey Rink at Van Cleve Park
Hockey Rink at Van Cleve Park

Well. This morning isn’t turning out to be a very happy one so far. After cutting all the stuff I was going to post here out of one file, and pasting it into another, then saving the one I’d cut from, my Mac panicked. This meant that everything I’d written this morning went up in a poof of electrons. Worse, CrashReporter couldn’t even tell me what had gone wrong so I could maybe at least report a bug to somebody. I also tried to grab a picture of the screen, but because everything other than the big annoying black box telling you you’re screwed had gone dim, it’s nearly impossible to read. That’s to be expected with a ¼ second hand-held exposure, but it didn’t help matters, so the commentary is going to be thinner than I’d like. I also find myself wondering whether the 10.3.6 update I applied yesterday is at fault.

Further digging suggests that the problem may be Activity Monitor. Taking a peek in windowserver_last.log, I saw the line Nov 08 06:31:20 [187] kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGXOrderWindow: Operation on a window 0x28 not owned by caller Activity Monitor at which point things pretty much went to hell. Maybe I’ll run without Activity Monitor going all the time and see if that helps.

Meanwhile, in local news, the ice rinks are up at Van Cleve Park now. A sure sign we’re getting close to winter.

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