8. November, 2004 - Monday

This week will hopefully be more productive than last. I spent a lot of last week either paying attention to politics or thrashing between three different projects when I should have been working on any one of them and finishing something. On friday I did get to do the neener-neener dance. A client who didn’t follow my recommendation, then later decided I was right after all, now will have to pay extra because I had already implemented it the way they asked for. That felt like a good way to wrap up the week, but I need to actually get the work done this week.

I’ve also got another project that I’ve been holding on the back burner for about a month, and it’s time to wrap that up. It’s probably going to fill up this week, but I’ve had problems getting started on it.

Finally, in completely unrelated (and somewhat icky) news, I sometimes have goofy late-night ideas about websites that should be out there. For some reason, they often appear in my head after a night at the bar. Sometimes they’re good, like the idea to snarf Better Nerds. Sometimes, they’re marginal, like Mental Hygienist (I still like the idea, but don’t have the time to do anything with it — if you do, let me know). Sometimes, like this weekend’s idea, What’s That Rash? I’m not sure. And maybe it should be a .info, rather than a .com. But hey, the domains are available and I’m pretty sure I’ve had worse ideas. I could even see it paying for itself with referral money from the health and personal care section of amazon. Doesn’t mean I’m going to snarf those domains, though.

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