7. November, 2004 - It keeps happening

Last night was our monthly poker game, and predictably enough politics came up as a topic for discussion. Once again, I found myself biting my tongue. Not only was there Bush-bashing going on, but I didn’t feel comfortable elaborating on my comment that There are people whom I think less of now because of their attacks on George W. Bush. At least my keeping quiet kept the conversation relatively civil. I wasn’t talking about anyone at the table, but I feared if I went on, one of them would say something to turn me off. Don’t lecture me about how the election was stolen by Republican Evil. It was lost by Democratic Incompetence.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to defend Bush. I wouldn’t have voted for him in this election at all, but I also think that if you’re going to attack him, you should use something that actually has some basis in fact, rather than in Fahrenheit 9-11. Better yet, don’t attack, but criticize in a way that doesn’t immediately alienate those people who don’t agree with you 100%. Saying that it’s time to check the fire sprinklers in the Reichstag may be cute (once, maximum), but it won’t sway anyone. Preaching to the choir may give you warm fuzzies, but it doesn’t win people over.

As I’ve said before, one of the bigger problems with this election was that the Democrats didn’t offer a clear alternative to the president. There’s a reason I’ll sometimes refer to them as the left-wing of the boot-on-your-neck-party.

With that in mind, I collected some links for today.

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