2. November, 2004 - Electile Dysfunction

Fall leaves
Fall leaves

Update 0845: I made it to the polling place about 7:30, and there were no problems with lines. That’s a good thing, since it was raining outside, and if the line had extended outside, it would have make things ucky. The folks working said that everything was going smoothly, except it was already very busy. When I actually ran my ballot through the machine, I was voter number 120, which is pretty good for the polls having been open just a little over a half-hour.

Then it was over to Manning’s for some breakfast. Yummy. A mexican omelette with grilled potatoes was just the thing to round out the morning expedition. Finally, as an added bonus, I noticed that while the maples on the north-south streets have mostly dropped their leaves, those on the east-wests haven’t yet, and they looked pretty, so I took a picture for you to enjoy. When I look at it now, I suppose I should have been more off to the side to get an angle on it to make it look better (and maybe crop out a car or two), but I didn’t think of that at the time.

Also of note on the way home, Move On had set up across the street from the polling place. I’m not sure if they were far enough away or not to be legal, but the way the entry to the school works, basically everyone who was voting there was either walking right across the street from them or cutting across the playground.

So it’s election day. I tried to mostly avoid talking about it (other than the first set of links). Yes, I’ll be going out and voting, and hopefully not standing in line forever, but we’ll see how that works out. If you are heading out, turnout is supposed to be high, and waits of a half-hour are projected just about everywhere. 10am to 2pm is the lightest time of day according to a story on the news last night, so maybe you want to take a long lunch and vote then. Good luck.

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