1. November, 2004 - not a single one


I normally don’t do much decorating for Halloween. When I lived in the old place, there would be a few kids stopping by, but since it was a four-plex, someone from one of the other units would always stick a pumpkin on the front steps or something. This year, knowing there are a couple kids in my new neighborhood, but not having any idea how many would come by, I figured what the heck, and set up a glowing felt and plastic pumpkin (no, not this possibly NSFW one that jr pointed out) in the front window to advertise the availability of a free sugar buzz.

And not a single kid stopped by. Well, unless you count the two nice young men from Americans Coming Together who wanted to make sure I knew where to vote, and seemed a little offended when I offered them candy. Ah well, their costumes weren’t very impressive, anyhow.

Over the weekend, I got a few things accomplished around the house, plus visited with Mom. I’m almost caught up on laundry. The dishes are clean except for last night’s dinner plate. The bird feeders were filled. The garage got swept out before the first snow hit, and the boxes I brought down from Mom’s now have a clean place to sit until I figure out how to sell off a ton of Avon steins, figurines, decanters, and awards. And I filled my shop-vac twice emptying the ash-pit under the fireplace. That made for one horribly heavy trash bag, and one horribly clogged filter, but I felt like I had accomplished a lot.

Today I get hit with the double-whammy. It’s a monday and the first of the month, which mean I get a doubly-heavy administrative load to deal with today. On top of that, none of my employees bothered to send in their hours from last week, so I’m have to pester folks before I can send out the invoices for that work.

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