29. October, 2004 - I kinda like rainy days

Yesterday started with the best of intentions. I was planning to have a productive day working. It fell apart almost immediately. And the thing is, I’m not quite sure how. In the morning, I got a somewhat later than usual start, but nothing fatal. I planned lunch with a friend. Then I’m not sure what happened. I was home, and in front of the computer, and nothing got done. I really don’t know where the morning went. I went and had lunch and then swung by the bank on the way home. The rain picked up enough again that I didn’t want to walk home from the bank, so I sat in the coffeeshop talking to Gordon for a while. Then I missed the bus I was planning to take home during a break in the rain because the buses are back to running on the normal route, and I walked to the detoured stop.

So, looking for a way to kill twenty minutes, I wandered over to Bill’s office to talk to him for a bit. Did that, headed outside and missed another bus, and finally just decided to walk home and get wet.

No! This way!
No! This way!

The construction on 15th Ave. SE is finally done. As I was walking home in the rain yesterday (because the buses weren’t running where I thought), I saw the collection of signs that had been confusing people around the U. The signs are still hard at work. I also (re)discovered that in low-light situations, a smaller camera is harder to hold stable than a bigger one, hence the bit of blurriness in that photo.

Other than not getting much work done, it was a pretty good day. I did some walking. I had lunch with a friend. I talked with a couple more friends. I had a good attitude all day long. I didn’t even really mind the rain, except for the part where it seemed to let up whenever I went inside, and then got heavy again when I stepped outside. Shrug.

This weekend? I have no idea. There’s a party I’m invited to on Saturday night, but I don’t have a costume prepared, and will probably decide I’m going to stay home instead. Sunday night I’ll probably stay home and see if any trick-or-treaters stop by, but since I don’t have a front light on the house, let alone any decorations, I’m not expecting too many visitors. There will probably be a trip up to Mom’s at some point, and possibly a trip to the range to go make holes in paper, but no firm plans yet. I guess I’d have to say that the situation is fluid, but could solidify just about any time.

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