28. October, 2004 - Baseball season is over

Yesterday — the day itself was nothing special, but as it came up on 5pm, I realized I had to run to the bank, so I headed over to Dinkytown. After the banking, I stopped by the Blarney for a couple happy hour beers and some dinner. After I finished eating, I was joined by Cheryl and her mom, some Italians from Nordeast. We spent more than an hour chatting about all sorts of things (including politics, in which I spent most of the time biting my tongue), and I had women buying me beers for the first time in quite a while. I figured it was a shame they’re both married, since I was feeling pretty flattered there for a while. But then it was time for them to head out, and I managed to get home in time for the first pitch of Game 4. As random encounters in bars go, that was one of the better ones lately.

Other than that, our week of reasonable temperatures has been marred by cloudy rainy weather. I haven’t been getting out and walking around the way I would have liked this week, and apparently this week isn’t the indian summer I was hoping for. Oh well, maybe later on when I’ll want it even more.

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