24. October, 2004 - mornings

This weekend, I awoke early both mornings, in spite of no good reason to do so. Saturday, I was awake at 3am, working on the website for much of the morning. Sunday, I awoke before 5, but went back to bed before sun-up and then climbed out of bed at 10 to begin the day again with a breakfast that dirtied more dishes than all the meals during the week had done.

I often tell myself that the early morning is my most productive time. It’s quiet both in and out, with the whir of the fans in the comptuer being the loudest noise around. But my early mornings really haven’t been all that productive. Most mornings, I end up surfing the web and putting together the entry for the day here, and that’s it. I then spend another hour or two getting ready to face the day, eating, playing some solitaire, showering, dressing, and then finally begin work about the time when I’m starting to think about lunch.

I found myself wondering this weekend if I might not be better served by doing the writing for the website in the evening, after the day’s paying work is done. There was a time when, if I awoke early, I’d be out the door within fifteen or twenty minutes, and take a long walk around the neighborhood before heading to school or work for the day. Those days are long past, and I miss them sometimes.

One of the things I thought about doing on Saturday was going for a walk with my camera, taking pictures of the fall color as the sun rose. It probably would have made for some nice pictures, and been more relaxing than working on the website and then steeling myself for the trip up to mom’s later in the morning.

I think the biggest thing is that, even on relatively productive mornings, I often spend an hour or two doing something like playing solitaire, or going back to sleep. It’s not very productive, and it’s usually just postponing whatever I have to do for the day. On bad days, it ends up stretching through the entire day, and I never switch into work mode.

I think I might have to try and change that. But not until after I take a nap.

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