22. October, 2004 - it’s like watching a car crash

I tried to find links this morning that weren’t about politics, but I had a really tough time. It’s like going down the freeway and seeing the car-crash on the shoulder. Even though you don’t want to look, your eyes are drawn over as you pass. Or sitting in a bar that has a TV on. Periodically you just have to look. Feh. Ten more days and we can finally be past this traffic jam. Unless the damn thing is close enough to be contested, in which case I’m thinking I’ll be needing that whisky IV, stat.

On a more positive note, I got a fair amount of work done yesterday, starting exactly as I planned, by updating a website with some material a client had emailed me. Then I spend a few hours researching a problem for another client, and think I’ve come up with a solution for them. Now to see if they’re willing to pay what it’ll cost to implement it.

Finally, last night’s Auto Body Experience gig was fun. I haven’t seen them for quite a while, and they’ve put together some new songs. And I’d forgotten that most of the band hadn’t seen me since I’d gotten my hair cut back in May. I got to confuse some more people. Woo! And the gig was nothing like watching a car crash. I had no urge at all to turn away.

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