21. October, 2004 - worn out

I’ve had a tough time trying to get moving this week. Tuesday, when I thought I was going to be jumping back into work, I ended up getting a haircut and reading much of a book. Yesterday, I finished off that book, and watched the Red Sox pull off their comeback against the Yankees. Today, I feel like going back to bed already.

Part of this is due to the fiasco with Don, I’m sure. Another part of it is that I need to find new work since I’m wrapping things up with a few current clients. Finding new work is my least-favorite part of running my own business. Much of the time, work comes to me through referrals at a good enough rate that I can keep everything going without, well, working too hard at it. But once every couple years, the planets align and I need to actually go out on the hunt, and that’s where I find myself now.

Then there’s the ongoing issues with Mom. She’s getting old enough where she’s not going to be able to live on her own for much longer, and that’s meant a couple trips per week up to visit her and help her take care of things. That wears on a guy. I also think I’m coming down with a cold, but it could just be left-over allergens from the pup. In any case, I’m feeling cruddy.

I guess I’m just feeling overwhelmed lately and need to get working on something that will give me a little boost. Even if it’s just doing a quick update on a client website, I need to feel that I’m accomplishing something. It’s a lot easier to keep moving than it is to start moving.

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