16. October, 2004 - ugh

Update, noonish: Well, it’s about noon. I’m back from the Doctor, and Target and taking Don for a walk. The eye problem was Conjunctivitis, with a mild case of chemosis. The doc gave me a prescription for Patanol for it. But since that’s $75 a pop, so he also recommended that I pick up some Naphcon-A, which is over the counter and should work about as well. He also recommended I think about getting rid of Don if the problem persists, which is one of the things I was worried about this morning.

While I was at Target waiting for the prescription to be filled, I picked up the sink-mat and hair-dryer for Don, too. Now it’s time for some lunch and a nap. I think I’ve had enough crises for the weekend, and wouldn’t be too disappointed if I slept until Monday.

I woke up this morning at about 5am. My right eye was sore and red (it appears to be Conjunctivitis), and the conjunctiva actually with enough slack in it that there was a fold I could see in the mirror. I figured it probably wouldn’t be hurt by more sleep, so I went back to bed. But Don had woken up, and had diarrhea, so he’d made a mess in his cage, and started barking for me. We took a brief walk outside in case there was more coming, then back in to clean up. Don got his first bath here at home, and I realize I should have gotten a rubber mat for the sink so he wouldn’t slip and squirm around so much, and a hairdryer so I could get him dry more quickly than with towels.

Now it’s 7am. Don’s towels and stuffed elephant are in the dryer, along with my bathrobe. My eye feels a little better, and I can’t smell the dog-poop throughout the house anymore (but maybe I’ve just gotten used to it). Two more hours until Nowcare opens so I can get my eye looked at. I guess it’s about time for me to shower and get Don his breakfast. My biggest worry is that the eye problem is related to him. I also worry that I didn’t get all the shampoo rinsed off Don, I’m worrying about my eye, and I’m going to start worrying about being short on sleep sometime soon. This is definitely not the relaxing Saturday I had been hoping for.

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