14. October, 2004 - Turnabout!

This morning was a bit of turnabout. I woke up at 2am wondering at the silence. Again at quarter-to-five. No noise from Don? What’s wrong? After all, he did jump out of my arms last night and go “woof” on the sidewalk from a couple feet up. Maybe he’s hurt, even though he seemed fine when I went to bed. Nope. He’s fine. I just forgot to turn on his nightlight last night, and surprise, surprise, he slept through the night without waking up wanting a potty break. So of course I woke him up at 5am to take him out into the 40°F air. I figure it’s only fair.

In other news, it was another productive day. It was rainy and windy out, and we didn’t get any long walks, so I spent some of that time working and some sitting and playing with Don. I think he missed the exercise, but he didn’t seem especially interested in walking around in the puddles after he was done with his initial splashing about. And it was nice for me to wrap up two work projects in a single day. Plus we did get a nice visit from the Foleys in the evening, and Jen pronounced Don a pretty healthy puppy.

Today will be almost certainly be less productive, as there’s a trip to mom’s in the works, but I’m hoping the trend of sleeping through the night will continue, and maybe I’ll be able to sleep without wondering about the pup, which should make for less sleepiness during the day. I definitely don’t want a repeat of Tuesday morning when I woke up after dreaming I was working on a database to take care of Don. That’s the kind of dream I get when I’m not sleeping enough.

I’m also a little short on links today. One of the big changes the past few days has been in the evening surfing: instead of watching TV with a laptop in my lap, surfing for cool links for you, I’ve had Don in my lap. He doesn’t know how to find cool links yet. That means fewer links for you. It may continue that way for a while.

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