13. October, 2004 - Hump day already?

The week is either flying by or dragging, depending on the moment. I’ve had two days of surprisingly productive work while tending a new puppy, and mostly answering his calls to go outside in time. But I also feel as though I’m already two days behind. I think it’s that I’ve been forced to multi-task a lot more, which means that I don’t get the full satisfaction of completing many of the things I’m working on. Sure I get to check them off in Life Balance (if I remember), but that’s not the same without taking five minutes to sit back and say Ahh. That was a good job, self. I’m missing those five minuteses because I’ve been having to move right on to the next task.

Don’s doing well. Thanks to a tip from Julie at Coda, we’ve made huge progress on having productive trips outside. She said the magic words Easy Cheese and it all made sense. A nice little can you can set by the door (or in the jacket pocket, or both, since it never spoils) and which Don seems to love. Giving him a little dab of the orange goodness when he’s done has meant that he now rushes to finish his business so he can get his treat, rather than wandering around the yard trying to figure out whether it’s a play outing or not. He’s still easily distracted by birds or bunnies or such, and I’m still sometimes clueless (such as at 2:30 this morning when I figured he was done after having peed, and got called downstairs from him five minutes after crawling back into bed — Oh yeah. Number 2.), but I think we’re figuring each other out a little better.

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