12. October, 2004 - Don gets company

Yesterday was pretty good. I got a handful of hours in working, plus managed to avoid any mishaps with Don. And then in the evening, my old roommate Bob, from 717 stopped by for a few beers. Bob’s doing pretty well, and Don did pretty well with company, though he did whine from his kennel for the first half-hour. Eventually he calmed down and got to come out and visit a bit.

This morning, I was busy trying to get caffeine in my while Don was eating breakfast. He decided he was done and pooped on the floor before I could get him outside. I guess they mean it when they say that if you can’t watch him constantly, he should be in the kennel. No big problem though. It was on the kitchen floor, and wiped up. And now there’s the paper towel outside giving him a clue as to what he should do where. Of course when we went outside, he decided to use the front lawn instead, but at least most of the mess was outside.

And yeah, you can probably expect a fair amount of dog-blogging around here for the next few days at least. This is all new and interesting to me, and even though I got along pretty well with other people’s dogs in the past, I’m learning a lot about how to deal with my own puppy.

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