11. October, 2004 - Don the Puppy


Saturday was a busy day. I went up to Mom’s, then headed across to Eden Valley, Minnesota (it’s a bit southwest of St. Cloud), where I picked up Don. He got carsick a couple times on the ride home. No big deal. It was mostly dry dogfood that was pretty easy to clean up. I’ll probably get a better picture of him sometime soon, but for now, when he’s out of his kennel, he’s active enough that it’s tough to get a picture of him that isn’t an extreme close-up of a nose.

On Sunday, he woke me up at 3:30 am to go outside. I was impressed and happy that he did that rather than making a mess. Then at 8 we were at PETsMART so he could get the Puppy Bath, Brush & More + Trim package. I didn’t get a bow or bandana for him when he was done, though. I guess they forgot. I also picked up a car carrier for him, a gate for the basement stairs, and a poop scooper.

Unfortunately, since getting the poop scooper, I’ve had no opportunity to use it. The Housebreaking didn’t go so great yesterday. During the day, he went outside to pee a couple times, but usually as part of a larger outing (that may have been part of the problem). In the evening, after three times of him barking while being in his kennel, and making a trip outside with no business done, first he piddled on the floor (I should have spotted the signs and got him outside right then, but I missed ’em) and then when I put him back in the kennel so I could clean up the mess, he pooped in there. Argh. They say the first week is going to be the most frustrating.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with him. This particular Bichon Frise is proving to be relatively good with my allergies. And I need to make sure to educate myself more about crate training, since I’ve made a few mistakes that have encouraged Don to make messes in the house. Hopefully today will go more smoothly. It’s started out well, since he was ready to pee when I woke up at 6am, and then after 15 minutes eating breakfast, he was ready to go outside and give me something I can use the pooper scooper on.

He seems to think it’s horribly unfair that he has to be in the kennel while I’m working, but I imagine we’ll work that out over time. I may start doing more of the morning blogging from the laptop sitting in the kitchen where he can see me while I’m doing this sort of thing. It might make him happier. I guess we’ll see.

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