7. October, 2004 - dog days in October?

Well, once again, I managed to get more done than I expected yesterday. Of course the things I didn’t complete are the ones that have deadlines today, so I’m managing to keep that sense of urgency I seem to thrive on.

In other news, I got the name of a breeder of Bichon Frises from a friend. Turns out the same breeder also breeds miniature schnauzers, and those are two of the flavors of dog that have moved to the top of my list. I’m hoping I can get everything wrapped up for the week today, and maybe head out there tomorrow morning to look at some dogs. Definitely won’t be buying tomorrow, but it should be informative. Other breeds I’m interested in finding breeders for are Portuguese water dogs, standard poodles and soft-coated Wheaten terriers, so if you know of someone who breeds those in Minnesota, I’d appreciate it if you dropped me a note.

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