6. October, 2004 - a better hump-day

This week seems to be going a bit better. Monday was a bust, but yesterday’s funky sleep schedule seems to have been a good thing. I spend the early morning working on content for the business site, then went back to sleep, and dealt with some long-overdue client work after waking up again, and while doing a few loads of laundry. Later in the afternoon, I went outside and cleaned up the pile of branches (putting them out for the city to take away), cleaned up the garden (all the plants are down now, and the compost from under the pile of leaves is scattered across the garden), and checked on the Camaro to see if I’d be able to start it to go donate it to Newgate. The battery is dead and about a half-hour’s work failed to open the hood (it’s jammed pretty good), so when I find the title, I may just end up junking it. Then again, maybe I’ll pry up the corner of the hood (hey, it’s already screwed up) so I can jump-start it. That’s a worry for later, though. It felt like an awfully productive day.

The evening was a trip to the bank just as they were closing (they had already locked the doors, but let me in to cash a check) and then some time spent with ex-cow-orkers down at Tuggs. A good time, and a welcome break. The gathering broke up earlier than I liked at the time, but it meant I was home and in bed early enough to get a good start on today. I think I may have committed adulthood there.

Today’s plan includes work for two clients, getting to the grocery store so I have breakfast food on hand, being around for the FedEx guy to receive a package, getting the rest of the content done (at least in first draft form) for the business site, and calling to see if the part I need for the fireplace has arrived yet. I don’t expect to get it all done today, but I don’t want to carry too many of those things over to tomorrow.

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