5. October, 2004 - out of sync with the world, again

Note to self: Sudafed 24 Hour Tablets have peak speediness about 12 hours after taking. Taking one at 2:30 in the afternoon means you will be wide freaking awake at 2:30 the following morning. That’s where I find myself now, except I’ve already been awake for almost two hours, and figured I might as well get the day’s blogging done.

So why was I taking sudafed in the middle of the afternoon? Well, because I was up at mom’s yesterday, and just before lunch we’d picked up her dog from the dog-barber, and the ten-mile ride in her car with the dog had completely clogged my head. It took me a couple hours to buy the sudafed, and then almost another hour to get smart enough to actually take it.

The only real positives of yesterday are that we got mom off a medication that didn’t seem to be helping her and had side effects that were making her miserable, plus I got to help her out by running some errands for her. Good for mom, but not so good for me. I’m still stuck in a productivity wasteland, and am starting to seriously wonder whether I shouldn’t just take on some mindless scut-work like driving bus again so I get the cash-flow flowing on days when I can’t concentrate enough to be productive programming. That’s not really a viable option, but it’s starting to sound attractive nonetheless.

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