4. October, 2004 - hurried morning

My usual morning schedule is compressed this morning, which feels as though it balances the weekend out somehow. Friday night we did the Oktoberfest thing at Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit. After a stop at BW-3 Har-Mar for some more beer and some wings, and a brief panic over having lost my cellphone (it was sitting in my truck), I returned home to sleep. Saturday, more sleep. Sunday, some work on a few overdue web projects (remember that Saints season recap I keep promising? I’m still promising it), none of which got done because I got a little done on multiple projects, but didn’t finish any of them. Lazy weekend, busy Monday morning.

And that’s how life has felt these last few weeks. I’ve got a lot of things to do during the week, and when the weekend comes, I crash and burn and spend the entire time on the couch. Even though the weather over the weekend was relatively nice, I didn’t set foot outside the house between getting home Friday night and when I’ll head out this morning.

The one thing I did accomplish over the weekend was to fire up the furnace and pull the air conditioners out of the windows. When I woke up Saturday morning, I saw that the overnight temp had gotten down to 31.9°F (according to the thermometer on the side of my house) and that’s a good enough reason to turn on the heat. This week, I’m also hoping to get the fireplace up and running so I’ll have a little extra warmth in the living room if I so desire. The part I need should arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, and the guy who says he can install it and fix everything up should be able to stop by during the weekend.

Getting the fireplace running will probably call for some furniture rearrangement so I have a place to stash some wood, too. Oh yeah, and I’ve got to get some work done, too. And that’s how another busy week takes shape around here. Busy week makes for a slack weekend, which in turn makes for another busy week. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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