1. October, 2004 - Happy Friday

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good and productive day. I made a ton of progress on a job I thought I was going to be late on, and handed off the latest version to the client before calling it a day. Yeah, it was about 9pm when I finished instead of before the close of business, but it still feels good to have gotten it done. And that with a trip to the bank in the morning, a mid-afternoon visit from the chimney sweep (my fireplace is mostly ready to go for the winter now), and a break about suppertime to head over for a steak at the Sporty. Good day!

I’m still behind on a ton of things, though. I’m going to try and get a bunch more paying stuff done today, and then spend the weekend putting together a bunch of pictures I’ve been promising you folks. With any luck, I’ll get ’em done before too much longer.

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