23. September, 2004 - fall now

The weather forecast for yesterday missed in a pretty big way. They were predicting rain for most of the day on Tuesday night, and I woke up expecting a grey day. But by about 7am the rain had stopped and the sky had cleared, and it was a bright sunshiney day (and a lot warmer than I expected). That was nice for the drive up to mom’s and for mowing the lawn when I got home, but my thought last week that I wouldn’t need an air conditioner again this season was overly optimistic.

As for work, the less said about that the better. I guess a quick version would be I’ve had more productive weeks. If my energy-level were a publicly traded stock this week, analysts would be talking about a meltdown. And that’s already more than I really want to say about it.

Oh well, it’s Thursday. That means that the (fully-booked) weekend sort of begins tomorrow. Something to look forward to, I guess.

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