20. September, 2004 - Saints win NL Championship

It was a pretty darned satisfying weekend. Friday night, the Saints lost, but there was a party at Uncle Dan’s after the game, and that eased the pain a bit. In addition, Dan has a miniature schnauzer named Pepper, who I played with for a while out there, and no allergy problems at all. Time to put schnauzers back on the list of possible dogs.

Saturday saw a win from the Saints, as Verdugo pitched a 4-hit complete game shutout. I didn’t do much else during the day except for buying supplies for a possible Sunday game. The rest was much-needed, and the game was a great preformance by Verdugo.

And then there was yesterday. Whew. Out to the game early (though not as early as hoped) to get breakfast in before noon. Was out of butane for the cool little stove, so I ended up cooking breakfast on the grill (with a frying pan for the eggs). Then there was the game. The Saints were playing well, but behind much of the game. They won it, getting their first NL championship since 1996 (I hadn’t realized it had been that long). After the game, I cooked up some snacks out in the parking lot and fed many people, then off to KFAN the Restaurant for the party. Someone had put up a sign saying that the big party room was for players and staff only. I almost left, but then Derek came out and invited us all into the party. Fun was had, and we got to talk to some of the players for what will almost certainly be the last time.

I plan to do a full recap of the season at some point, with pictures, but it’s not done yet. Heck, it’s not even started. I’m still recovering from yesterday, and as the articles I linked to say, it was one heckuva game. I’m pretty sure it’s the best ball-game I’ve ever seen. There were only two errors, and the Saints rally in the bottom of the ninth had the small crowd wound up and even though there were only about a thousand fans at the game, we were making regular-season weeknight levels of noise. When Mirizzi hit his grand slam, I was worried there would be a gust of wind that would blow it foul, but it stayed fair, and there was much rejoicing.

If you were looking for links for anything other than the Saints today, I’m going to disappoint you. Stop back tomorrow and there’ll be something else.

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