17. September, 2004 - Championship?

Tonight the Saints are home, playing game three of the Northern League Championship. The weather sounds like it should be pretty decent, and with the series currently tied at one, we’re guaranteed games tonight and tomorrow. As with last weekend, I hope that’s all we see, since the Saints aren’t exactly stunning on Sundays.

I’m not sure what it is, but even before the Saints made the championship, this weekend was already seriously overbooked. Tonight there’s a party out in the ’burbs I may try to get to after the game. Tomorrow, there’s the neighborhood cookout in the evening, Scott & Kat are having a beer-tasting, and there’s a party for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Sunday there may be a game. I was planning a trip up to mom’s, but since I had to make an emergency trip up there yesterday (mom was having a bad day), I might not head up there again until Monday. With any luck, the Saints will win tonight and tomorrow, and I’ll be able to spend Sunday sleeping.

But meanwhile, I’ve got to get through today. There’s work to be done, bills to be paid, banking to be done (to deposit money to cover the cash I had to pull from the ATM yesterday for the trip to mom’s yesterday and the checks I write to pay bills this morning), and a game to prepare for. At least the food and beer have already been bought. I’m almost out of food to cook on the grill, but that’s just fine. I’ll manage to empty the little freezer by sometime early next week, and can defrost it before I stock it full of comfort food for the winter. I know, I know, I like being busy, but I also like being able to have a day now and again to just do nothing at all, and they seem to have been in short supply lately.

Finally, there will definitely be a posting either tomorrow or Sunday to wrap up the Saints season. If I don’t get my thoughts about the season written up soon after the season, it won’t ever happen. Oh yeah, and there’s still the quest for a dog, but I didn’t make it to the meet & greet last night, and I suspect the hunt is off until Monday at the earliest, unless Sunday . Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions and encouragement.

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