15. September, 2004 - thunder

It was stormy with thunder and lightning when I went to bed last night, and it’s still making flashes outside this morning. Impressive weather last night, and I find myself wishing I had a porch where I could have spent the night watching the weather, rather than sleeping through it. There’s a part of me that’s still a kid, fascinated by heavy weather. Sadly, there’s a larger part that’s forty and conks out around ten pm every evening.

Being older is part of why I definitely wouldn’t want to be living through the heavy weather that’s going to be hitting the gulf coast soon. When Camille hit that part of the world, it scoured away most of the stuff people had built along the coast, and while Ivan’s not as strong, there’s more stuff to be wrecked this time around, too. At least it seems as if people are evacuating.

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