13. September, 2004 - Monday blah

Another weekend gone. Another Monday leaves me feeling as though I’ve got too much to do. I’ll probably muddle through just fine and be in a good mood by the time the day is done, but I’d rather start the week off in a good mood once in a while.

Friday: caught up on old email; cleaned up some client websites; other administrative gunk; wrote a little for the site here and cleaned up the page template; tried to head out to the ballgame early, but was delayed by bullshit; was an extra in the Saints commercial shoot, interrupting the pre-game eating and drinking; Saints win; then home to bed.

Saturday: trip to mom’s; return home to phone message saying We don’t have anything in common from gal I’ve had one date with (I knew we didn’t have much in common. That was part of the attraction for me. I guess the feeling wasn’t mutual); try to head to Saints game early, but got delayed by passive aggessive bullshit again; Saints win; home to bed.

Spent most of Sunday avoiding reality, either by laying around the house or looking at dogs (more on that later). Wonderfully unproductive day. I wrapped it up by reading most of John Stossel’s Give Me a Break, staying awake until about 2am.

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