10. September, 2004 - playoff games

Tonight’s game three of the playoffs, and the Saints come home with their record tied at 1-1. That’s about what I expected from the games in Fargo, and I’m really hoping they can win tonight. With their past record in Sunday games (they’re 5-9 on Sundays this year), I don’t want to see this playoff series go to five games. Then again, they are at home, where at least they made a reasonable showing, going 5-4 on Sundays at home. Yeah, that’s right. They didn’t win a single sunday game on the road this year. I hadn’t realized that, but I see it now looking back on their record. And if you look at just the day games (which tosses a couple sundays, and adds a few weekdays), the boys are 6-8 by my count. There was also one Sunday day game that was rain-postponed until the following Monday. They lost that, too. In all, I would much rather not see the Saints have to play a Sunday day game this weekend.

That was a half-hour spent researching the baseball nerdiness. Time to move on to something else.

Work continues to frustrate a bit. I think we’re making progress, but on one job, I’m working with ancient code that we’re trying to refactor. That’s not going especially smoothly, especially since we had four people in a meeting yesterday, and three fairly strong (and different) opinions about how to reorganize things. It’ll work out eventually, but the road is not an easy one. But I’ve got plenty to keep me busy there for the next week or so.

On another job, we’re plugging along, but progress is slower than expected. What I figured was an intense afternoon of work has turned into a full week’s effort. But hey, I can at least look back to Monday when we finished up two more websites, which means two more invoices sent out. Woo! I’ve got another client I need to write a contract for, but that should be pretty easy. I started doing that back in April, and I just need to dive into the archives to find the old work. I’m already a packrat by nature, and that’s served me well more than once in running my own business. I only wish it was as easy to keep everything for the paper records I get as it was for the electronic bits. Then again, I do have a scanner… Hmm. Maybe I need to write some scripts to make it easier to turn all the paper records into electronic form so I can keep track of them more easily… Another thing for the to-do list. D’Ohh!

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