3. September, 2004 - Friday like a Monday

After two days off from work, it’s time to get back to it. I’ve built up something like 40 emails I need to respond to (one way or another) today, and there’s plenty of work to be done for clients before next Tuesday. There’s also some financial muck to sort out, as one client has been late on payment again, and it’s put me in a bind. Add in another client who backed out on some programming work I had already sub-contracted out (and thus have to pay for), and I’m facing a real cash-crunch. Hell, I would have bounced payroll if the bank hadn’t covered things for me in exchange for some hideous service charges. That’s not a good thing. Not for the business, and not for my attitude. I’m close to just saying to hell with it and closing up shop.

It’s not like my attitude needed a lot of help souring in the first place. I’ve got family headaches going on, and I’m feeling pretty darned abivalent about the fact that the Saints clinched their playoff spot last night. I don’t want the season to end, but I’m also ready to have a little more free time for other activities. Going to games has started feeling like work lately, which is a sure sign I’m ready for fall.

I guess the only solution is to try and muddle through what I can over the weekend. I might end up posting here, since I’ll probably be working during the days. It may not be pleasant or actually solve any problems, but sometimes losing myself in work is at least effective in adjusting my attitude temporarily.

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