2. September, 2004 - no change

Yesterday’s Saints game — well, they don’t play so well in day games. The magic number remains at 2, and the team is on their way to Winnipeg. Winning one of the four games up there puts ’em in the playoffs. Day games on weekdays usually mean a day where nothing else gets done, and yesterday was no exception. About all I accomplished was pissing off the neighbors who think the alley is a valid parking spot when I leaned on the horn for a while until they moved their truck.

Today’s going to be a different kind of busy, but no more productive for work. I’ve got some personal errands that need to be done. Bleh. Don’t want to talk about it.

Tomorrow, I’ll get to try and do a one-day flurry of activity to get caught up on the week again and not have to do too much work over the holiday weekend. I expect it will be a partial success at best, and I’ll be grinding through some work in order to have it ready for clients on Tuesday.

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