August 2004

31. August, 2004 - better mood

I’m in a better mood this morning. Yesterday was pretty productive. I’ve been using Life Balance now for a week, and I think I’m a convert. It’s interesting as I watch myself juggling the various things I need to do in life. Over there on the right is the current balance I’m achieving. balance Work dominates, which surprises me a little, since I haven’t felt like I’ve been getting a lot done this past week, but other than that, I guess things look pretty reasonable. Part of the balancing act is figuring out how much effort things are going to take, which determines how much credit you should get for completing the tasks. I tend to rate fun things as low effort. Chores are similarly low-effort for the most part, even if both of those things take more time for the effort. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I think I need to break work into two parts: billable and non-billable. Anyway, I think it’s kinda neat, and it really helped yesterday when I wasn’t feeling terribly focused, and had a lot of stuff to do. Being able to just work my way down the list, focusing on one item at a time, is a lot less stressful than trying to keep everything in my head, and having daily chores listed in there gives me a feeling that I’m getting something done as I do those things, rather than just wasting time. Hey, maybe it’s just a rationalization, but those are important, too.

In last night’s Saints’ game, the boys won again, moving their magic number to four. For a team that was contending for a pennant in their division, Joliet didn’t look especially sharp last night. Or maybe it’s just that the Saints are a better team at the moment. I like the fact that the Saints are playing well as we head to the playoffs. While they’re still not certain of making it in, it would take a choke of epic proportions to not see any post-season games, and I picked up my playoff tickets last night.

30. August, 2004 - cranky monday

I mentioned a couple weeks back that allergy season was about to start for me. Well, late last week it started to get worse, and it kicked into high gear over the weekend. So now I’m facing the choice of taking enough Sudafed that I can have a chance of breathing through my nose and not being able to sleep, or not taking it, and waking up feeling as though someone’s holding a pillow to my face. This does not make for an especially happy Dave.

The weekend? Too short. Saturday was a trip up to Mom’s. The bear hunters continue to set out their bait, and bear season opens on Wednesday. I expect by this time next week, the bear that’s been bugging Mom will be in someone’s freezer. Yesterday was the first day of really disfunctional sleep, with the Saints game in the evening. I had fun at the ballgame, and then got talked into going out for post-game beers, since the game was earlier than usual. That was not a good plan, and I’m paying for it this morning.

Today? Many things to do, about half of which are things that someone else should have done but didn’t, so I’m having to pick up the slack. The other half are things I should have gotten done over the weekend. The third half are the things I need to do on a normal Monday (administrative stuff to keep the business running smoothly), and the fourth half is the paying work that needs to happen so the checks keep coming in. Oh well, nothing for it but to get to it, then.

27. August, 2004 - weekend already?

Some weeks, the weekend never seems to come. This week, it seems to have snuck up on me. I think part of that is the goofiness of the Saints schedule at this point (we start the final home-stand of the season on Sunday), but part is just that I’ve been trying to organize my week differently. It seems to be working. I’ve been managing to get a reasonable amount of work done, and I’m keeping “other things” in a reasonable balance. We’ll see how it holds up over time, I guess.

I’m also starting to get that “end of the season” feeling about the Saints. Whether they make the playoffs or not (I’m buying my tickets for the playoffs), I can definitely feel the season winding down. That means I’ll be seeing some of the folks from the ballpark for the last time in the next week (even if the Saints make the playoffs, there are some folks who won’t be able to be there), and that’s always a sad thing. On the other hand, it’ll be nice to have some more time that isn’t budgeted in the evenings. There are a lot of projects around home that I need to get to before the snow starts flying, and a couple of them that I’m actually excited about doing.

26. August, 2004 - Fair Time

It’s time for the fair, and with it, we’re finally getting some of the humidity I normally associate with August in Minnesota. Haven’t had the heat, which is fine by me, but it’s been plenty humid. But along with that humidity comes the start of my seasonal allergies which will be with me until the first killing frost of the fall. If you find I’m extra-grumpy or don’t want to do stuff, that’s part of the reason why.

On the One of these days I gotta get myself organizized front, I spent yesterday knocking off a ton of the little distractions that have been nagging at me and then moved about eight different to-do lists into Life Balance. I don’t know if I’m really any more organized or not yet, but it feels nice having made an effort. A bit of real work got done too, which is an added bonus.

25. August, 2004 - hump day?

Hump day. Today is when I’m supposed to be productive and get lots of work done so I can start coasting for the rest of the week. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen or not. I’ve got plenty of work to do, but I’ve also got a mother who’s forgetting more and more things lately, and it’s probably time to see if we can get an appointment with her doctor to see what he thinks. I have a feeling my schedule today will be dictated by his.

That’s an example of a frustration I have lately. I’ve been getting a lot of interruptions that have messed with my plans for any given day. Some of them I can control (but haven’t), and others I have no control over. In either case, I’ll have something of higher priority come up (sometimes because I didn’t get to it in a timely manner) and it throws off whatever I had planned. Many days, once my plans are shot, I get virtually nothing else done for the day, and that’s something I need to work on. Once that happens, I’m in “the faster I go, the behinder I get” mode, and it usually takes a good night’s sleep to reset everything so I can be productive again.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Life is pretty good at the moment. This is something I need to work on to make it better. I’m writing about it here so if you’ve been waiting on an email from me, you might have a clue as to why I haven’t responded, or have responded with something less than useful.

24. August, 2004 - birthday thank-yous

First thing, I should thank everyone for a swell birthday. I meant to do it yesterday, but got caught up in trying to get started on the work-week, and didn’t get to it. Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate on Friday. I had a great time, and all of you who showed up were part of the reason I had a fun evening.

As for the work-week, it wasn’t much of a start yesterday. I figured out the solution to one problem, but that opened up a new can of worms. Today is going to be a bit challenging, as the thing I most want to work on is something I can’t do today. Ah well. My hope is that I’ll still have enough gas left this evening to finish transferring all my various to-do lists into Life Balance so I can start using it to see if it really does help as much as the PR says it will.

Beyond that, I see a pretty normal Tuesday in front of me. There aren’t going to be enough hours in the day, and they’re going to be scheduled somewhat awkwardly, but I’ll probably manage to be productive in spite of that.

23. August, 2004 - a better to-do list?

I haven’t gotten my schedule back to normal yet after the birthday weekend, so the links were late. But I survived the weekend.

One thing I’m thinking about this morning is the large number of items I have on my to-do list again. But I thought about the problem a little differently for a few minutes. The real problem I have is that I have too many different to-do lists, which need to be sorted differently based on the time of day. I have the “work” list. I have the “Dave’s Picks” list. I have a “around the house” list. Here’s an example:

Work (client 1)

  1. Get project file converted to work with XCode 1.5
  2. Finish hooking up performance-testing code

Work (client 2)

  1. Send quote on project before end of day

Work (admin)

  1. Take time-reports from employees and enter into QuickBooks
  2. Deposit checks and balance books
  3. Invoice client 3 for web hosting on 1st of month

Work (other)

  1. Update website to better reflect our current business

Dave’s Picks

  1. Fix RSS generating code so it can handle lists that aren’t Picks
  2. Make each posting an individual item on the server
  3. Add commenting software per individual item
  4. Deal with out-of-band things like this

Home Stuff

  1. Pay bills
  2. Do dishes
  3. Laundry
  4. Clean out small freezer and defrost it
  5. Donate Camaro to school that will fix it and sell it
  6. Contact sidewalk guy and get new sidewalk before the snow flies

And like that. Now based on the time of day, the various lists sort together differently. When I’m working on work stuff, those lists need to be weighted more heavily. But there are some things (like “Pay Bills” from the Home list) that need to be done by a certain time, but also depend on other things (like getting to the bank, from the admin list). And then there are things (like the “invoice client” entry) that suddenly go from low priority to top priority on a given day.

I’ve found no to-do list package that can actually handle this sort of thing. My solution for now is to use a bunch of post-its that I rearrange, cross-index and such, and then build a list for each day as I go. Each morning I spend a few minutes putting together the list for the day from the many longer-term lists I have stuck to my monitor, or in some cases, just rattling around in my head. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I’ve come up with so far.

If I had commenting software working, I’d open this post up to comments so maybe someone out there could point me to the solution that would work for me. As it is, I’m asking you to send in ideas if you have them. Thanks.

20. August, 2004 - Forty

Well, here it is. The big four-oh. And this morning I feel particularly old. I got an early start on the celebration last night, heading out to the Sporty for the steak dinner deal, and staying until they closed. Tripped over a bike laying in the sidewalk on the way home and skinned a knee, and got invited to a house-party on the way home. For some reason, I decided it was better to just get to sleep. Guess that’s because I’m old.

The plan for this evening is to meet folks at the Saints game and see what happens from there. I’m not really planning anything, except wearing warm enough clothes that I can sit outside for the game. I figure some decisions will be made, but I don’t know what they’ll be at this point.

As for links, there aren’t a lot, but they’re good.

19. August, 2004 - one more day

Tomorrow, 40. Today, still in my 30s. I’d be more worried about it if I didn’t have a bunch to do today, I think. Actual paying work needs to be done in preparation for taking some of tomorrow off and spending the weekend watching baseball.

I’d write more, but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow, since the FedEx guy just showed up with the package that will let me do the work I need to do today, and I need to get cracking on that stuff.

And a bit of warning. Tomorrow’s update will likely be light on links, long on ramblings, and somewhat later than my usual self-imposed 9am deadline.

18. August, 2004 - Weird weather

Usually at this time in August, I’m looking forward to my birthday (this Friday, if you still need to do some shopping) through a haze of allergy medicine, and sweating up a storm in the dog days. This year, we’ve had one of the most unseasonably chilly Augusts I can remember, and it’s got me a little confused. It doesn’t feel like the right time of the year for it to be my birthday. But then there’s a night like last night. When I wandered home from my evening out, the temp was hovering around 70, with the dewpoint just a few degrees below. I actually ran the air conditioner for a few minutes when I got home to pull some of the humidity out of my bedroom. It felt like August again for a few minutes. Of course we’re expected to see a low near 50 tonight. At this point, I’m just hoping for weather that doesn’t feel like October for Friday night’s ballgame. Last I heard, there were still tickets available if you feel like joining us.

17. August, 2004 - less talk, more links

I don’t have a lot to say today. Yesterday was boring, but I’ve got a whole bunch of yummy links for you. Enjoy.

16. August, 2004 - Going for some drive

It was a car-weekend. I didn’t get much done around the house, and hadn’t planned to. Instead, I was out and about much of the weekend. Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to get out and do something for the day, and after sending a couple queries looking for someone to eat breakfast with came up empty, I decided to head out to a gun show at about 11.

First mistake, I read the listing quickly, and mapped the address of the people running the show, not the actual location of the show. So I drove to Princeton, and quickly discovered that the show was actually in Anoka. I need to work on verifying the information better before starting to drive, I think. Or maybe the solution is to put together a database of Minnesota gun shows and actually validate all the information and provide maps and such. I’m pondering it, since it seems like that would be useful. Anyone feel like chipping in on that sort of a project? I’m not so worried about slapping it together as I am about the day-to-day maintenance that would suck more time from my life.

While wandering the smaller roads from Princeton to Anoka, and generally enjoying the nice afternoon, I ran over what looked (at the last second) like a piece of angle iron. Lucky me, I got the chance to change a tire on the side of a country road. Fun? Not especially. After getting the spare put on the car, I headed into Elk River to stop at Goodyear to get a new tire. $130 later, I’m good to go, and awfully glad I’ve got a real spare hanging on the back of the truck. I also discovered that I’d stopped at the same tire store a couple of my cousins shop at, since when I gave them my last name they asked Jerry? Nope. Bob? Nope. Dave. You don’t have me in the computer yet.

I finally get to Anoka about 2pm. They’ve moved the Ice Arena since I was last in Anoka in the mid-80s (go figure). But the gun shop I remembered was still there, so I stopped and asked where the show was, and got directions.

It was actually a pretty good show. It filled the ice-rink, but the aisles were nice and wide, and there was plenty of room to walk around, and there weren’t a ton of people attending. Much nicer than heading down to the zoo that is the Minnesota Weapons Collectors show at the RiverCentre next weekend. Anyway, I found something that made me have to buy it, and got out the door for under $200, including admission.

That pretty much did it for me for Saturday. After I got home, I vegged out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was a trip up to mom’s. Turns out there were some friends visiting too, and among them was the guy who’s going to repair the storm damage to her siding from back in April. He had brought out some friends who hunt bears, and they were setting out some bait for the bear that’s been peering in mom’s window some nights. I’m glad someone’s helping with that.

On the way home, 35 was a mess. There were a lot of people heading back to town, and a couple accidents that caused major gawker-slowdowns on the freeway out in the middle of nowhere. So I abandoned the interstate and drove back as far as Forest Lake on old Highway 61. It was nice to get off the interstate and see some of the small towns along the way. Home for a nap, out to Manning’s for some dinner, groceries from Joe’s, then back home for a movie and to bed. A pretty decent day to cap a pretty decent weekend.

13. August, 2004 - Wrapping up the week

The week of cold weather is wrapping up. It’s been alternately busy and lazy, including yesterday. I spent the morning working on four different things, and managed to finish them all by about 1pm. Then it was time to concentrate on one project that’s longer-term, and that occupied much of my afternoon.

I’m not sure which situation I like more. It’s nice to be able to focus on a single project and plug along on it, but if it’s not something that really draws my attention, it’s easy to get bored, even when it’s paying work. On the other hand, I get downright frantic sometimes when there are too many different things going on. I think that’s part of the reason I like working for myself, though. I get the opportunity to try both styles of working and can decide which is going to work better for me at any given time.

Today looks like another mix. I’ve got some administrative stuff I have to get done before the 15th, but I also have a lunch-meeting at a client’s office to learn about some code there that I haven’t really dug into before. So there will be some scrambling, followed by focusing in on a single problem, and then I’ll probably close out the day by tackling the small things left on my to-do list from the week. I’m hoping I can avoid spending my Saturday running errands for work like I did last weekend, so I’m going to make more of an effort to wrap everything up this afternoon and into the evening if need be.

As for the weekend itself, I’m trying to leave my plans open. My TiVo has a bunch of Battlestar Galactica episodes waiting for me, and there’s some work I’ve been planning to do around here, as well as on the Better Nerds site. Both need updates, and that’s perfect weekend stuff to do, and if I leave either one half-done, that’s okay, since I’m the only one likely to notice.

12. August, 2004 - Still in first

Last night’s Saints game. Ugh. As their website says, the only good thing about it is that Winnipeg lost too, so the Saints held onto the one-game lead for the second half of the season. The game was slow, poorly played, and the weather was cold (but at least it wasn’t windy). One of the more disappointing things was that Brian Gaal made three separate fielding mistakes that cost him at least a couple runs. Stupid plays. Definitely not fundamental baseball. I hope Ben gives him a good talking to about that.

Other than that, yesterday was just a slow day. I didn’t get a whole lot done, but since I’d decided I wasn’t going up to Fargo this weekend, I’ve got some wiggle room, and having a slow day was okay. This morning I slept extra-late (until 8am), too. I think the cold weather’s wearing me down a bit, but the temperature is supposed to start rebounding today. Yay.

11. August, 2004 - that wasn’t what I expected

Yesterday wasn’t at all what I expected. Well, I guess part of it was. I woke up and scrambled through the morning to get a bug or two fixed. That went pretty well, but there was some time pressure. I guess that’s why they pay me the big bucks, right? After that, things started to deviate from the plans.

After lunching and heading home, I was just wiped out. I’m not sure why I was so tired, but I was, and took a nap for a couple hours. When I woke up, I wasn’t feeling at all like going to a baseball game, so I called the guy I was going with and told him I was bailing on the tailgating and game plans. At that point, I was planning on a quiet evening at home, including maybe some TV and a bunch of sleep.

Once I had decided not to go to the game, I got strangely productive. I caught up on email again (mostly) and knocked off a bunch of little work things that have been waiting in the wings for a while. Then I called up Bill, who was busy talking to MPP. It was decided that we should go out and buy Mike some beers, since he’s been unemployed for a while.

That’s how I find myself writing this at three am, rather than being asleep like a sane person would be. What I had planned to be a quiet evening turned into a (rather expensive) evening out with the boys, but it was a whole lot of fun, and I don’t feel at all bad about not going out to the ballgame for the first time of the season. The weather was sucky, and I’m glad I spent the evening in a nice warm bar, rather than shivering outdoors watching the game, even if the Saints did win in what sounds like a decent game.

10. August 2004 - busy again

Amazing how a single day can change so much, and yet change so little. I turned down the new client yesterday, after deciding that we wouldn’t be able to meet his deadline and stay sane through the Saints pennant race. I’m already feeling there’s going to be a time-crunch coming this month, and didn’t want to make things worse.

And then just before heading out to the game yesterday, I got word of another bug in our code for the client I mentioned on Tuesday. This one’s severe enough that we might need to crack open the release and make a fix. I’ll be finding out today, but it turned today from a “go sit in meetings” kind of day to one in which some serious work has to happen in addition to sitting in meetings.

Then there’s the weather. It was downright chilly last night (well, in the 60s, but there was a 20mph wind blowing, too), and today promises to be even colder. If I had more time, I’d probably do a batch of chili for the tailgating tonight, but with the work happening, I’m not sure if I’m going to have the time for that. I still need to figure out something hearty for dinner, but it may end up coming from Boston Market, depending on how the day goes.

9. August, 2004 - weekend recap

Another weekend come and gone. This one feels a little different, mostly due to scheduling vagaries. What do I mean by that? Well, usually I’m pretty good about keeping “work” to the weekdays and doing “house stuff” or other things that aren’t paying work on the weekends. That didn’t happen this weekend, mostly because I didn’t get everything done on Friday that I should have. Heck, I barely got anything done on Friday at all, since I spent the afternoon reading The Real Frank Zappa Book.

So I found myself waking up Saturday morning with a list of things to do: reorganize the office so I have room to set up the scanner; set up the scanner; scan photos for a client’s website; clean up the tailgating detritus in the garage so I could get my trike out for a ride; get to the liquor store to buy some beer for poker and ball games; and clean the table so we could play our monthly poker game on Saturday evening.

I got through the first few items with no real problems, but it turned out that I had forgotten to lock my scanner before packing it up at the old place. In the course of moving it, it had become misaligned so the red was a handful of pixels lower than the other colors, making for an interesting effect on the pictures I was scanning. Crud. No, you can’t recalibrate a scanner via software. They’re a commodity, and you need to buy a new one. So I did.

On the way home from the stores (I hit both CompUSA and the Apple Store, and found that the Apple store was only about $10 more for the scanner I ended up getting, and the sales guy was enough better that I was more than willing to pay the premium), I stopped off at one of the local gun shops and looked at some guns. I’m not really in the market for anything new, but it was a nice little break and I got to talk bears with the guy working there for a while, including a tale he told of a World Record Grizzly Bear that he’d gotten off the net. Partly True says the urban legends database.

I also stopped by the liquor store on the way home. Good deal. Many items crossed off the list with the one trip.

Then it was time to do the scanning. That went well, and I rewarded myself with a brief nap and dinner. I cleaned up the table, and was ready for the poker game with time to spare. I still haven’t cleaned the garage, but what the heck, it’s not like I’ve been putting a ton of miles on the trike this year anyhow.

Sunday, hangover. Oof. Apparently Point Special has a higher hangover-factor than I’m used to. And with the Saints game starting at 5pm, the tailgating schedule had to be adjusted appropriately. Not much time between getting fully functional and heading out to the ballpark, but I managed a load of laundry.

I don’t think I like a 5pm start. The sun shines over the grandstand until about 6:15 or so, so you’re got the same cooking in the sun feeling that you do on a normal Sunday game. When the game is done, the sun is right on the horizon and in your eyes on the drive back to Minneapolis. It was interesting to try it once, but I’m happy that they’re not going to schedule early Sunday evening games next year. And the change in schedule didn’t help break the Saints’ Sunday Curse, and they lost 9-2.

Overall, it was a good weekend. I got caught up on the work stuff, and had time for some fun. But it didn’t feel especially weekend-like while I was in it. And today I find myself with a pretty full plate, with the normal Monday administrative stuff I have to do to keep the business running, plus a meeting with the client I mentioned on Friday, and then some work I want to get done for another client. Then again, it will probably turn out to be a pretty good day. I’m busy enough that I won’t be bored, but there’s not so much to do that I’ll feel overwhelmed. A pretty good start for a week, I guess.

And with that, how about some links?

6. August, 2004 - I guess not

Yesterday did not turn out as planned. First there was a kerfuffle with a client. Yes, there’s a bug. No it’s not all that severe, nor is it hard to fix, but fixing it would mean a whole bunch of testing before we could ship it. We can probably fix it in the next release.

Then mom called. She was having a crisis with her prescriptions and I had to drive up there. No big deal, as it turns out, just took a phone call to the doctor so he could call the pharmacy and sort everything out.

Also at mom’s, the momma-bear who’s been stopping by about every second night sounds as though she’s getting bolder. She climbed into the flower-bed and was looking in the window at mom’s kitchen table Wednesday night, which seems perhaps a bit too bold. Hopefully bringing in the bird-feeders overnight will discourage the bear. If not, we might have some bear steak for next year’s tailgating.

After taking care of the mom-issues and driving home, I had to call a prospective client. It sounds like one of those jobs where it’s going to take almost as long to gather the requirements as to implement them. That’s not all bad I guess. I think I’m getting better at requirements gathering.

Finally, it was time to get to the things I had planned for yesterday. I managed to get the lawn mowed, and pulled a few more weeds out of the garden. That was about it, meaning I still have to hook up the scanner so I can scan some photos for another client today, but I’ve already handled a bunch of email that needed responses this morning, and configured two new client websites on my server (more on that when they go live) and I should be able to get some other, smaller work-things done over the course of the day. If not, I’m still in reasonably good shape for the weekend and next week. And maybe I’ll even finish weeding the garden before it starts raining sometime this weekend.

Oh, and I got a copy of The Real Frank Zappa Book via UPS yesterday. Another of the Davids I know bought it off my Amazon Wish List. Muchos Thanks, David! I imagine I’ll find a way to read that over the weekend, too.

5. August, 2004 - yard work?

Well, yesterday was as relaxing as I’d hoped. I put the Cargo Caddy into the truck, and it fits okay. I could remove a couple trim pieces from inside the truck to make it fit better, and probably will eventually, but for now it’s working. Then I had lunch with Steph, who says I’m Suspiciously good natured. After lunch downtown, I caught the bus back across the river, and then walked through my old neighborhood, stopping by the 8th St. Market to say hi to Jim, the owner. After walking the rest of the way home, I took a little nap, then loaded the Cargo Caddy with all the tailgating supplies and weeded a corner of the garden before dinner, topping the evening off with some TV and web-surfing. It was a good day, and I feel refreshed from it.

Today, I’ve already plowed through some email, touching base with other clients and letting them know I’m still alive. My plans for the day involve mowing the lawn and weeding the garden, and working on a few work projects. Among other things, I need to hook up my scanner again for the first time since moving, and scan in some photos for a client. It’ll be the first time using the scanner on Mac OS X, and I’m curious to see how that goes.

4. August, 2004 - calm

Today’s something of an anomaly in my life. I find myself with a clean plate this morning. The work I’ve been plugging away at for the past few months has let up temporarily, and it’s probably a good day to just take a day off from that. There’s plenty to do on the home-front, but I haven’t even started to put together a to-do list for the day, and I might not until tomorrow. I don’t know yet. It’s quite possible I’m just going to be a lazy bum all day. Maybe I’ll get a chance to go out for a long walk. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done that, and I miss it.

There’s some catching up to do in the writing, though. Monday’s Saints game was the bobblection. I didn’t get a bobblehead, but that’s okay. The “voting” process was complicated enough that it caused a fair number of headaches at the game, and I just concentrated on watching the Saints win. I had more fun in the parking lot pre-game as various Bush and Kerry supporters wandered the lot, asking if I wanted a sticker or a free hot-dog. I usually responded politely, but informed them that Bush was far too left-leaning for me (he signed the Medicare prescription drug plan, one of the bigger social programs ever enacted, for one) and that I probably should have a “Lunatics for Badnarik” sticker or something such. It actually made for some fun political discussion among those who actually got my meaning.

I also heard back from my blind date. She’s been busy lately, and will be for at least the rest of this week, but we might find some time next week. I’m looking forward to making some plans for socializing that don’t include a Saints game. I’m going to have to make the transition to off-season mode one of these days if I don’t want to spend all winter missing baseball.

3. August, 2004 - three homestands left

The summer moves on, and with it the Saints season. I realized this morning that there are just three short homestands left, plus whatever playoffs the Saints qualify for. That’s not all that much baseball, but there’s some major tailgating remaining to be done. The middle homestand includes my birthday, PETA night, and the last Sunday day-game. The other two Sundays are going to be evening games. I’m not sure why, but that seems notable.

And why was it this morning that I realized that? Well, part of it is that rather than go straight to bed after last night’s game, I stayed up and emptied most of the tailgating junk out of my truck. My Cargo Caddy arrived via UPS yesterday, and I’m hoping to get it installed in the truck sometime this week. But that means that I was up late, which means waking up late, so it’s going to be a link-poor morning. But I excused myself for oversleeping, thinking to myself There aren’t many more home stands left. And there we are.

2. August, 2004 - long weekend

And not in the “I had an extra day off” meaning. Friday was some work (maybe all the bugs are fixed now, but I fear not — I’m kind of afraid to check), followed by a ballgame. Saturday was a trip to mom’s, followed by a ballgame. Yesterday, ballgame, followed by a gathering at a local watering hole with some friends for dinner. A fun weekend, but there was little time for other necessary activities, like laying about on the couch while trying to decide between watching the tube and taking a nap (or perhaps being greedy and doing both). Ah well, it was fun, even if the Saints lost to the normally-hapless Explorers yesterday. It seems they’re playing down to the level of the competition again, and the baseball wasn’t especially good all weekend.

To top it off, yesterday was a good day for adding to the cranky-factor. It started with the fun-run the Saints sponsored that had Energy Park Drive shut down until almost noon. We were stranded waiting with a bunch of other cars on the exit from Snelling until the last of the runners finished up, rather than being able to get into the lot to start cooking breakfast. And it was hot and humid. I had a good day, but I’ve still got a few grumpy emails I need to send off yet this morning.

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