31. August, 2004 - better mood

I’m in a better mood this morning. Yesterday was pretty productive. I’ve been using Life Balance now for a week, and I think I’m a convert. It’s interesting as I watch myself juggling the various things I need to do in life. Over there on the right is the current balance I’m achieving. balance Work dominates, which surprises me a little, since I haven’t felt like I’ve been getting a lot done this past week, but other than that, I guess things look pretty reasonable. Part of the balancing act is figuring out how much effort things are going to take, which determines how much credit you should get for completing the tasks. I tend to rate fun things as low effort. Chores are similarly low-effort for the most part, even if both of those things take more time for the effort. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I think I need to break work into two parts: billable and non-billable. Anyway, I think it’s kinda neat, and it really helped yesterday when I wasn’t feeling terribly focused, and had a lot of stuff to do. Being able to just work my way down the list, focusing on one item at a time, is a lot less stressful than trying to keep everything in my head, and having daily chores listed in there gives me a feeling that I’m getting something done as I do those things, rather than just wasting time. Hey, maybe it’s just a rationalization, but those are important, too.

In last night’s Saints’ game, the boys won again, moving their magic number to four. For a team that was contending for a pennant in their division, Joliet didn’t look especially sharp last night. Or maybe it’s just that the Saints are a better team at the moment. I like the fact that the Saints are playing well as we head to the playoffs. While they’re still not certain of making it in, it would take a choke of epic proportions to not see any post-season games, and I picked up my playoff tickets last night.

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