30. August, 2004 - cranky monday

I mentioned a couple weeks back that allergy season was about to start for me. Well, late last week it started to get worse, and it kicked into high gear over the weekend. So now I’m facing the choice of taking enough Sudafed that I can have a chance of breathing through my nose and not being able to sleep, or not taking it, and waking up feeling as though someone’s holding a pillow to my face. This does not make for an especially happy Dave.

The weekend? Too short. Saturday was a trip up to Mom’s. The bear hunters continue to set out their bait, and bear season opens on Wednesday. I expect by this time next week, the bear that’s been bugging Mom will be in someone’s freezer. Yesterday was the first day of really disfunctional sleep, with the Saints game in the evening. I had fun at the ballgame, and then got talked into going out for post-game beers, since the game was earlier than usual. That was not a good plan, and I’m paying for it this morning.

Today? Many things to do, about half of which are things that someone else should have done but didn’t, so I’m having to pick up the slack. The other half are things I should have gotten done over the weekend. The third half are the things I need to do on a normal Monday (administrative stuff to keep the business running smoothly), and the fourth half is the paying work that needs to happen so the checks keep coming in. Oh well, nothing for it but to get to it, then.

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