24. August, 2004 - birthday thank-yous

First thing, I should thank everyone for a swell birthday. I meant to do it yesterday, but got caught up in trying to get started on the work-week, and didn’t get to it. Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate on Friday. I had a great time, and all of you who showed up were part of the reason I had a fun evening.

As for the work-week, it wasn’t much of a start yesterday. I figured out the solution to one problem, but that opened up a new can of worms. Today is going to be a bit challenging, as the thing I most want to work on is something I can’t do today. Ah well. My hope is that I’ll still have enough gas left this evening to finish transferring all my various to-do lists into Life Balance so I can start using it to see if it really does help as much as the PR says it will.

Beyond that, I see a pretty normal Tuesday in front of me. There aren’t going to be enough hours in the day, and they’re going to be scheduled somewhat awkwardly, but I’ll probably manage to be productive in spite of that.

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