18. August, 2004 - Weird weather

Usually at this time in August, I’m looking forward to my birthday (this Friday, if you still need to do some shopping) through a haze of allergy medicine, and sweating up a storm in the dog days. This year, we’ve had one of the most unseasonably chilly Augusts I can remember, and it’s got me a little confused. It doesn’t feel like the right time of the year for it to be my birthday. But then there’s a night like last night. When I wandered home from my evening out, the temp was hovering around 70, with the dewpoint just a few degrees below. I actually ran the air conditioner for a few minutes when I got home to pull some of the humidity out of my bedroom. It felt like August again for a few minutes. Of course we’re expected to see a low near 50 tonight. At this point, I’m just hoping for weather that doesn’t feel like October for Friday night’s ballgame. Last I heard, there were still tickets available if you feel like joining us.

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