16. August, 2004 - Going for some drive

It was a car-weekend. I didn’t get much done around the house, and hadn’t planned to. Instead, I was out and about much of the weekend. Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to get out and do something for the day, and after sending a couple queries looking for someone to eat breakfast with came up empty, I decided to head out to a gun show at about 11.

First mistake, I read the listing quickly, and mapped the address of the people running the show, not the actual location of the show. So I drove to Princeton, and quickly discovered that the show was actually in Anoka. I need to work on verifying the information better before starting to drive, I think. Or maybe the solution is to put together a database of Minnesota gun shows and actually validate all the information and provide maps and such. I’m pondering it, since it seems like that would be useful. Anyone feel like chipping in on that sort of a project? I’m not so worried about slapping it together as I am about the day-to-day maintenance that would suck more time from my life.

While wandering the smaller roads from Princeton to Anoka, and generally enjoying the nice afternoon, I ran over what looked (at the last second) like a piece of angle iron. Lucky me, I got the chance to change a tire on the side of a country road. Fun? Not especially. After getting the spare put on the car, I headed into Elk River to stop at Goodyear to get a new tire. $130 later, I’m good to go, and awfully glad I’ve got a real spare hanging on the back of the truck. I also discovered that I’d stopped at the same tire store a couple of my cousins shop at, since when I gave them my last name they asked Jerry? Nope. Bob? Nope. Dave. You don’t have me in the computer yet.

I finally get to Anoka about 2pm. They’ve moved the Ice Arena since I was last in Anoka in the mid-80s (go figure). But the gun shop I remembered was still there, so I stopped and asked where the show was, and got directions.

It was actually a pretty good show. It filled the ice-rink, but the aisles were nice and wide, and there was plenty of room to walk around, and there weren’t a ton of people attending. Much nicer than heading down to the zoo that is the Minnesota Weapons Collectors show at the RiverCentre next weekend. Anyway, I found something that made me have to buy it, and got out the door for under $200, including admission.

That pretty much did it for me for Saturday. After I got home, I vegged out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was a trip up to mom’s. Turns out there were some friends visiting too, and among them was the guy who’s going to repair the storm damage to her siding from back in April. He had brought out some friends who hunt bears, and they were setting out some bait for the bear that’s been peering in mom’s window some nights. I’m glad someone’s helping with that.

On the way home, 35 was a mess. There were a lot of people heading back to town, and a couple accidents that caused major gawker-slowdowns on the freeway out in the middle of nowhere. So I abandoned the interstate and drove back as far as Forest Lake on old Highway 61. It was nice to get off the interstate and see some of the small towns along the way. Home for a nap, out to Manning’s for some dinner, groceries from Joe’s, then back home for a movie and to bed. A pretty decent day to cap a pretty decent weekend.

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