13. August, 2004 - Wrapping up the week

The week of cold weather is wrapping up. It’s been alternately busy and lazy, including yesterday. I spent the morning working on four different things, and managed to finish them all by about 1pm. Then it was time to concentrate on one project that’s longer-term, and that occupied much of my afternoon.

I’m not sure which situation I like more. It’s nice to be able to focus on a single project and plug along on it, but if it’s not something that really draws my attention, it’s easy to get bored, even when it’s paying work. On the other hand, I get downright frantic sometimes when there are too many different things going on. I think that’s part of the reason I like working for myself, though. I get the opportunity to try both styles of working and can decide which is going to work better for me at any given time.

Today looks like another mix. I’ve got some administrative stuff I have to get done before the 15th, but I also have a lunch-meeting at a client’s office to learn about some code there that I haven’t really dug into before. So there will be some scrambling, followed by focusing in on a single problem, and then I’ll probably close out the day by tackling the small things left on my to-do list from the week. I’m hoping I can avoid spending my Saturday running errands for work like I did last weekend, so I’m going to make more of an effort to wrap everything up this afternoon and into the evening if need be.

As for the weekend itself, I’m trying to leave my plans open. My TiVo has a bunch of Battlestar Galactica episodes waiting for me, and there’s some work I’ve been planning to do around here, as well as on the Better Nerds site. Both need updates, and that’s perfect weekend stuff to do, and if I leave either one half-done, that’s okay, since I’m the only one likely to notice.

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