12. August, 2004 - Still in first

Last night’s Saints game. Ugh. As their website says, the only good thing about it is that Winnipeg lost too, so the Saints held onto the one-game lead for the second half of the season. The game was slow, poorly played, and the weather was cold (but at least it wasn’t windy). One of the more disappointing things was that Brian Gaal made three separate fielding mistakes that cost him at least a couple runs. Stupid plays. Definitely not fundamental baseball. I hope Ben gives him a good talking to about that.

Other than that, yesterday was just a slow day. I didn’t get a whole lot done, but since I’d decided I wasn’t going up to Fargo this weekend, I’ve got some wiggle room, and having a slow day was okay. This morning I slept extra-late (until 8am), too. I think the cold weather’s wearing me down a bit, but the temperature is supposed to start rebounding today. Yay.

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