10. August 2004 - busy again

Amazing how a single day can change so much, and yet change so little. I turned down the new client yesterday, after deciding that we wouldn’t be able to meet his deadline and stay sane through the Saints pennant race. I’m already feeling there’s going to be a time-crunch coming this month, and didn’t want to make things worse.

And then just before heading out to the game yesterday, I got word of another bug in our code for the client I mentioned on Tuesday. This one’s severe enough that we might need to crack open the release and make a fix. I’ll be finding out today, but it turned today from a “go sit in meetings” kind of day to one in which some serious work has to happen in addition to sitting in meetings.

Then there’s the weather. It was downright chilly last night (well, in the 60s, but there was a 20mph wind blowing, too), and today promises to be even colder. If I had more time, I’d probably do a batch of chili for the tailgating tonight, but with the work happening, I’m not sure if I’m going to have the time for that. I still need to figure out something hearty for dinner, but it may end up coming from Boston Market, depending on how the day goes.

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